Every court deserves high-quality tennis lines

Every court deserves high-quality tennis lines

The first warm days of spring call for sporting events. In the spring season, many athletes don’t hesitate to rush to the tennis, football-tennis or volleyball courts. Did you know that not only athletes but also courts need to get into good condition? Do you wonder how? The answer is artificial tennis lines from the traditional Czech brand Fatra that save time spent making lines and the cost of lime. Let’s take a closer look.

Become familiar with tennis lines
Artificial tennis lines are inserted into the court’s surface after laying the red clay. What are these lines used for? For accurate designation of the court’s dimensions. Their great benefit is that there is no need to create lines on the court using lime after each match. This makes the use of courts much more effective. The courts are ready for play immediately after installing the artificial lines. The lines are made from softened white PVC using extrusion technology.

How are the lines stuck down?
To fix the tennis lines to the ground surface, an anchoring system is used consisting of two components. The first component is a tube, which is buried then e serves as a fixing element for the other component, which is a metal stud.

Would this serve you too?
Tennis lines are packaged in winding packs with in 22, 24 and 30 m lengths; a court requires 148 metres of this profile. You can pick up your lines in person from our Napajedla plant, or we can simply send them by mail.

Advance your court
Do you need tennis lines? No problem, contact the manufacturer who will make a customised offer.

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