Fatra offers a range of pipes and tubes of various diameters with an emphasis on the external or internal diameter.
We manufacture unreinforced pipes, which fulfil the functions of transport or protection. The raw material for manufacture is softened PVC with varying modifications such that the pipes comply with their required use – the transport of air, water, oil, petrol, urea, ammonia etc.
We produce tubes of varying hardness, colour, smooth or grooved. We cut tubes to the required length.
We produce pipes  to order in standard form or made to measure.
You can find a summary of all the pipes we manufacture in the Profile catalogue.

Transport pipes

Pipes Use Hardness Bend brittle temperature Dimensions
Type 1125 non pressurised transport of water or air 80 ShA -25 °C PDF
type  1129 the transport of oil or petrol 78 ShA -20 °C PDF
type 1132 non-pressurized transport of air containing emissions of carbonic acid or water solutions with mineral salts, ammonia or urea 65 ShA -30 °C PDF
type 1184 the transport of oil or petrol  85 ShA -10 °C PDF
type 1186 the transport of water or air up to a pressure of 0,25 Mpa 80 ShA -25 °C PDF

Protective pipes

Pipes Use Hardness Bend brittle temperature Dimensions
type 1100 protection and colour differentiation of isolated conductors 80 ShA -15°C PDF
type 1105 special uses, for instance the protection of chains 80 ShA -25°C PDF

Processed materials



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