Fatra manufactures and sells plastic tubes of varying diameters with an emphasis on external or internal diameters.  We manufacture the tubes from various thermoplastics – HDPE, LDPE, PS, PVC, PP.
The tubes have various cross sections, colours and differing characteristics (depending on the material used). These profiles serve in the transport of gaseous, liquid and powdery media at varying temperature intervals.
The products can further be completed by cutting to the required dimensions or with a print. We manufacture the tubes to order in a standard form or made to measure.
You can find a summary of all the tubes we manufacture in the Profile catalogue.

types tubes

Tubes Material  Use Temperature range of use Dimensions
type 1244 HDPE for various technical and laboratory purposes, in the car industry  0°C to +40°C PDF
type 1890 PS for various technical and laboratory purposes 0°C to +80°C PDF
type 2594 LDPE non-pressurised transport of liquid, gaseous and powdery media in the chemical and food industry, also for laboratory purposes, medicine and for the needs of agriculture -5°C to +40°C PDF
type 2607 PP for various technical and laboratory purposes 0°C to +40°C PDF
type 2700 LDPE for instance as a means of protectection when completing snow chains for cars -30°C to +40°C PDF
type 1247 PVC-U for technical purposes +5°C to +40°C, in the short term +60°C PDF


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