For tennis, netball and volleyball court

Fatra, a. s., a Czech producer of plastic would like to offer you plastic tennis court lines intended for clay courts.
Complete Czech solution of tennis court lines Lines for tennis, futnet or volleyball courts are designed to be used in renewal or construction of new clay courts, where on condition of keeping the proper assembly procedure and maintenance they may serve you for long years.

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Tennis court lines
Lines for tennis, futnet or volleyball courts are made using the extrusion technology of UV stabilised, unsoftened white PVC (RAL9003).The maximum length of a line is 30 m, its specific weight is 150 g/m.
For a tennis court you need 148 m of this profile. It is packed in 22, 24 and 30m rolls, placed on wooden pallets. In the season the profile is normally available on stock.
One tennis court need 148 m this profile.
Schéma tenisové lajny H2109, Fatra
Scheme of the line tennis


Anchoring system
A system consisting of two elements is used for anchoring of tennis court lines to the ground court surface. The first one is a pipe that is dug into the ground at an angle, working as the securing element for the other part of the anchoring system – a metallic pin.
The anchoring elements are kept on stock under the following names:
Small ground anchor, tennis, (code no. 32100853)
Ground anchor, tennis, (code no. 32100854)
Anchoring system for tennis line
Anchoring system for tennis line
The lines are packed in rolls with predetermined lengths, the diameter of a roll is 80 cm so that it can fit a standard wooden pallet. 4 complete sets, incl. the corresponding elements of the anchoring system can be shipped on one pallet.
You can collect your lines personally at our plant in Napajedla, or they can be shipped via a forwarding service within 24 hours or 5 days. A shipment always contains a pallet.
We have prepared a clear manual for the installation of the tennis court lines for you, which is both available on this website and will be attached to all shipments.
For one complete tennis court the following set is necessary:
1 x 22 m of tennis court lines, 4 x 24 m of tennis court lines, 1 x 30 m of tennis court lines, 18 pairs of the anchoring system
For one complete futnet court the following set is necessary:
2 x 18 m of tennis court lines, 4 x 9 m of tennis court lines, 1 x 12.9 m of tennis court lines, 12 pairs of the anchoring system


The price of tennis court lines and the anchoring system for one tennis court is 249 Euro without VAT.
1 court: 148 m of lines + 18 anchors = 184 Euro + 65 Euro
Lines and anchors can also be supplied separately, not only as a set!

Lines are wound in a roll and placed on a pallet with the dimensions of 120×80 cm (pallet 9 Euro without VAT)
Sets for 4 courts can be delivered on one pallet.
The anchoring system is packed in a PE plastic package.
Orders are handled within approx. 2 weeks after opening an account in the information system.


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  • Tennis lines
    • Tennis lines


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