Skirtings to Thermofix, Imperio and Marilo floors

Skirtings are an ideal solution for completing the installation of floor coverings. The skirtings form a plinth between the floor and the wall and thus protect the wall from damp and damage.
We offer floor profiles (skirtings) for all of the Fatra Thermofix, Fatra Imperio and Fatra Marilo colour schemes. The hard profile has an ingenious structure with integrated softened sealing edges for easier installation.  When painting or when hiding freely lain cables you will appreciate the possibiity to remove it by simply taking it off. The skirtings are fixed to the wall with adhesive or rawlplugs.
Each skirting colour has also got accessories (fittings) – connection covers, endpieces, internal and external corners. The fittings serve to cover connections or to end skirtings.
The floor system meets the requirements of flooring professionals and demanding customers perfectly.

Skirtings to Thermofix, Imperio and Marilo floors

Product advantages

  • An uncomprimising result – the floor skirtings and their accessories in the form of corners, connectors and end pieces visually match the decoration of Thermofix and Imperio floor coverings.
  • Easy purchasing – you can source the entire floor system from one maufacturer.
  • Perfect shape – the skirting profile was designed such that it copied the floor and wall surfaces ideally and  levelled out any unlevel surfaces encountered.
  • Simple maintenance – before painting one can simply remove the upper visible part of the skirting and once the paint has dried, click it back on. This totally removes the need to prepare for painting and cleaning off spilt paint.
  • Safe storage of cables – various types of cables can be led through the skirting, in particular cables lain later for TV or the internet.


Type Picture Length
ks m
2747 s_2747 2500 52,6 24 60


Recommended combinations of LVT and floor skirting boards


Thermofix Wood Number skirting board Photo
12108-1 White pine – rustic L0008
12109-1 Rustic beech L0001
12110-2 Oak L0011
12111-2 White hornbeam L0015
12113-2 Solid wood hornbeam L0007
12118-1 European walnut L0005
12123-2 Whitened oak L0009
12128-1 Siberian pine L0002
12130-1 Farmer‘s wood L0004
12131-1 Natural oak L0006
12133-1 Natural oak L0013
12134-1 Natural oak L0010
12135-1 Natural oak L0003
12137-1 Natural oak L0007
12137-2  Dub chocolade L0040
12139-2 Milk pine L0014
12142-1 Ash brick L0012
12143-1 Mediterian pine L0002
12144-1 White poplar L0032
12145-1 White poplar L0007
12146-1 Ash oak L0032
12147-1 Antique pine L0032
12148-1 Northern spruce L0020
12149-1 Vintage L0032
12150-1 Silk oak L0001
12151-1 Satin oak L0027
12152-1 Brown ash L0005
12153-1 Sandy ash L0022
12154-1 Greenland oak L0026
12155-1 Rural oak L0027
12156-1 Midnight oak L0023
12157-1 Havana oak L0029
12158-1 Burnt oak L0026
12159-1 Traditional oak L0021
12160-1 Grand oak L0027
12161-1 Meadow oak L0003
12162-1 Nougat oak L0034
12163-1 Autumn oak L0004
12164-1  Oldrind L0025
12203-4 Mountain yew L0017
12204-2 Dark oak L0016
 Thermofix Art Number skirting board Photo
18001  Polar spruce L0024
18002 Silver spruce L0002
18003 Lawa walnut L0005
18004 Paleo oak L0007  
18005 Coral walnut L0035  
18006 Beech mist L0001  
18007 Mocca oak L0029  
18008 Honey chestnut L0017  
IMPERIO Number skirting board Photo
29501-1 Cappuccino beech L0008
29503-1 Cappuccino beech L0018
29505-1 Cappuccino beech L0031
29505-2 Cappuccino beech L0011
29506-2 Cappuccino beech L0014
29507-1 Austrian oak L0030
29509-1 Alaskan pine L0033
29509-2 Baikal spruce L0004
29510-1 Norwegian oak L0028
29513-1 Silver oak L0028
29513-2 Golden oak L0019
29514-1 Light ash L0008
MARILO Number skirting board Photo
18201-1 Scandinavian oak L0025
18202-1 Tyrolean oak L0035
18203-1 Sicilian oak L0030
18204-1 Caribbean oak L0029
18205-1 Pennsylvania oak L0010
18206-1 Patagonian oak L0007
18207-1 Australian oak L0017
18208-1 Savoy oak L0032
18209-1 Gallic oak L0039 Skirting board L0014 / Fatra
18210-1 Ontario oak L0030

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