Hoses and small hoses (PVC-P materiál)

Wide supply of unsupported hoses in various cross sections, colours, hardness, and with different chemical characteristics.

Transport hoses

Type 1125 – non-pressure water or air transport (hardness 80 ShA).
Type 1129 – oil or gasoline transport (hardness 78 ShA).
Type 1132 – transport of air containing products of carbonic acid or hydrous solutions with mineral salts, ammoniac, or carbamide (hardness 65 ShA). Hoses for pressure free use.
Type 1184 – oil or gasoline transport (hardness 85 ShA).
Type 1186 – water or air transport up to the pressure of 0.25 MPa (hardness 80 ShA).

Protective hoses

Type 1100 – protection and colour differentiation of insulated wires (hardness 80 ShA, brittle temperature -15°C).
Type 1105 – special use, e.g. chain protection (hardness 80 ShA, brittle temperature -25°C).

Tubes (PS material, polyolefines)

The tubes offered have various cross- sections, colours, and different characteristics (according to the material used). These profiles are used for non-pressure transport of gaseous, liquid, and powdery media, in various temperature ranges.
Type 1244 – HDPE material, temperature range of use 0°C to +40°C.
Type 1247 – PVC-U material,  temperature range of use +5°C to +40°C, short term +60°C
Type 1890 – PS material, temperature range of use 0°C to +80°C.
Type 2594 – LDPE material, temperature range of use -5°C to +40°C.
Type 2607 – PP material, temperature range of use -5°C to +40°C.
Type 2700 – LDPE material, temperature range of use -30°C to +40°C.

Flooring accessories

Wide supply of plastic baseboards, stair edges, and cords (for welding) to vinyl flooring.
Innovation is represented by printed baseboards to Thermofix and Imperio flooring. Baseboards together with edges, corners, joints and end pieces have the same decoration as the luxury flooring in Thermofix and Imperio tiles.
The supply also includes baseboards for carpets.

Plastic handrails

Various types of handles for railings in prefab buildings in different colours. Basic in-stock assortment.

Tennis lines for clay courts

Complex tennis line laying system.

Profiles for automotive industry

Sewing profiles for car seats.

Building industry

Profiles for optical dividing of flat roofs, profiles for glazing, sealing profiles, dilatation profiles…

Profiles for electricians

Profiles for identification of el. cables, spirals for bundling of electrical cables…

Profiles for furniture industry

This profile group is wide and includes profiles from various material types of different characteristics.

E.g. protective press-on edges, sealing profiles, connection profiles, travel profiles…

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