Plastic L profiles

Our assortment includes a wide range of profiles of various shapes from various materials. L profiles made from hard PVC form one of them. We classify profiles into equal angle and unequal angle profiles.

Series of equal angle L profiles:

10×10 mm (H2180) 30×30 mm (H0912)
15×15 mm (H0640) 40×40 mm (H2753)
23×23 mm (H0303) 50×50 mm (H2754)

Series of unequal angle L profiles:

55×33 mm (H2497) 15,5×25 mm (H1785)
55×70 mm (H2498) 12×18 mm (H0383)
55×75 mm (H2499) 21×50 mm (H0300)
20,5×15,5 mm (H2026)
20,5×40 mm (H1956)

L profiles are used most commonly as a protection or reinforcement of outer corners in the building industry. Profiles may be used also as a reinforcement of inner corners.