Profile H2109 – Teniss court lines

Linie tenisowe
PVC-U (Novodur)

Lines for tennis, futnet or volleyball courts are made using the extrusion technology of UV stabilized, unsoftened white PVC (RAL9003). The maximum length of a line is 30 m, its specific weight is 150 g/m.
For a tennis court you need 148 m of this profile. It is packed in 22, 24 and 30m rolls, placed on wooden pallets. In the season the profile is normally available on stock.

The lines are packed in rolls with predetermined lengths, the diameter of a roll is 80 cm so that it can fit a standard wooden pallets. 4 complete sets, incl. the corresponding elements of the anchoring system can be shipped on one pallet.

More information about tennis court lines.

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