Instrukcje Instalacji

The lines installation does not require much equipment; however, accuracy and craftsmanship are necessary. It is better to contact a specialised company that is experienced in such installations.
List of required equipment for installation of lines on 1 court: set of line rolls (1x22m, 4x24m and 1x30m), anchoring system (18 pipes and 18 pins), measuring tape, string, tightening fixture, hammer, saw.

Instrukcje Instalacji

Zasady Instalacji

1. Measure the court and indicate the outer corner in accordance with the attached diagram. Do the measurement from the court centre.
2. Use a hammer to drive the anchors for the baseline into the ground; drive the anchors in the direction of the baseline approx. 2 cm below the surface. Always start from the baseline!
3. Remove clay around the top part of the anchors (approx. 2 cm).
4. Spread the line in the installation direction between the anchors.
To facilitate the installation unwind the line rolls before the installation to straighten them.
5. Use the nose of the hammer to knock an anchoring hook into one of the anchors.
6. Tighten the other end of the line with the use of the tightening fixture.
7. Hook the tightening fixture in the transversal cutout of the line and stretch the line by 1 – 2 segments over the point where you will cut the line.
8. Use the nose of the hammer to drive in an anchoring hoko.
9. Grasp the tightened line approximately in the centre of its length, lift it slightly and release it again. The line will adopt the ideal direction by itself.
10. Cut the lines to the marked and prescribed length.
11. Carefully tread the line into the ground and then you can stamp it into the court surface. Work gently so as not to damage the line by violent impacts.
12. Proceed in the same way to anchor the other lines.
13. Fill the space around the anchors with clay stirred up with water. When rolling the whole court you must drive the roll in the direction of the lines! Do the rolling in the interval of 2 – 3 m forwards and then approx. 50 cm backwards. More intensive rolling would have a negative impact on tightening of the lines.


The dimensions of the tennis court