Extended supply of baseboards to THERMOFIX flooring

Baseboards form an integral part of the quality floor. Various types of baseboards may be selected for the flooring; one of them is also a baseboard from Fatry that matches the colour of THERMOFIX flooring. The baseboard series has expanded; we now have 20 different baseboard designs matching 25 flooring types.

Major benefits of Fatra Thermofix baseboards:

Result without compromises – baseboards and their accessories such as corners, joints, and end pieces match visually the flooring design.
Easy purchase – you may purchase complete flooring system from single manufacturer under uniform labelling.
Perfect shape – baseboard profile was designed to ideally copy the floor and wall surface and level off prospective roughness.
Simple maintenance – you may just dismantle the upper visual baseboard section prior to painting and clamp it back after the paint dries up. Preparation for paining and cleaning of paint remains are thus eliminated.
Safe cable embedding – various cables can be conducted in the baseboard, in particular additional TV or Internet cable networks.

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Finalizovaná podlaha - lišty a doplňky / Fatra Finalizovaná podlaha - lišty a doplňky, odklopená lišta (výhoda při malování nebo ukládání vodičů) doplnky_10105_2