Floor skirting boards to Thermofix

Skirting boards from Fatra are an ideal solution for finishing a flooring installation. We produce skirting boards and accessories in the same design as Fatra Thermofix flooring thanks to which everything is perfectly in harmony. A sophisticated structure of the fixed section and integrated sealing edges make the floor installation and subsequent maintenance easy. When painting the walls, you will appreciate the possibility of an easy disassembly and permanently the room for hiding cables safely inside. The flooring system thus perfectly meets the requirements of professional floor fitters and demanding customers.
Currently, our offer contains skirting boards in a variety of 22 colours. The accessories (joint covers, end pieces, inner and outer corners) are also available in each colour.

Floor skirting boards to Thermofix

Product advantages

  • Result without compromises – the skirting and its accessories such as corners, joints, and end pieces match visually decorations of Thermofix.
  • Easy purchase – you can purchase the entire flooring system from a one manufacturer and under the same name.
  • Perfect shape – the skirting profile has been designed to copy ideally the floor and wall surface and to level up eventual unevenness.
  • Easy maintenance – prior to painting, you may simply dismantle the upper face part of the skirting and click it back on once the paint dries out. It completely eliminates preparation for painting and cleaning of residual paint.
  • Safe cable laying – it is possible to conduct various cables inside the skirting, in particular additional wiring for the TV or Internet.



 Type  Schema Length
 ks  bm
2747 s_2747 2500 62,5 24 60
Suggested combinations of the skirting
 Type Thermofix Color floor skirting boards Type Thermofixu Color floor skirting boards
Light Cedar 10105-4 10105-4 Smoky Oak 10134-1 10134-1
Dark Cedar 10105-5  10105-2 Pear 10201-3 x
White Pine – rustic 10108-1  10108-1 Mountain Yew 10203-4 10203-1
Rustic Beech 10109-1 10109-1 Common Yew 10203-5 10203-3
Oak 10110-2 10110-2 Red Pine 10204-1 10204-1
White Hornbeam 10111-2 10111-2 Dark Oak 10204-2 10126-2
Solid Wood Hornbeam 10113-2 10113-1 Chestnut 10205-1 10205-1
Zebrano Wood 10114-1 x Rustic Oak 10135-1 10135-1
European Walnut 10118-1 10118-1 Bleached Walnut 10136-1 x
Rustic Walnut 10120-1 x Natural Walnut 10136-2 x
Whitened Oak 10123-1 10123-1 Caramel Oak 10137-1 10113-1
Dark Willow 10126-2 10126-2 Chocolate Oak 10137-2 x
Trend Mosaic 10127-1 x Light Crabapple 10138-1 x
BorSiberian Pine 10128-1 10128-1 Crabapple 10138-2 10203-3
Wenge 10129-1 x History Pine 10139-1 10130-1
Farmer´s wood 10130-1 10130-1 Milk Pine 10139-2 10139-2
Brown Oak 10130-2 10130-2 Pine 10140-1 x
Natural Oak 10131-1 10131-1 Silver Teak 10141-1 x
Dark Ash Tree 10132-1 x Ash Brick 10142-1 10142-1
Smoky Beech 10133-1 10133-1 Mediterian Pine 10143-1 10128-1

x – The skirting board for this Thermofix is not decorated with the pattern.

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