Fatra at fair FachPack in Nuremberg

The packaging industry meets from 27 – 29 September 2016 in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg. Fachpack is European trade fair for packaging, technology, processing and logistics. Fatra as a manufacturer of semi-finished products for the industry are also participating in the exhibition. At the fair they will be presented eg. plastic profiles for multipath and …more

New binding tapes for floorball sticks also in reflex colours

New binding tapes for floorball sticks also in reflex colours. We already sell professional grips of floorball sticks also in also reflex colours! The binding tape is smooth, without perforation, with high adhesion. The tape has an adhesive surface in its entire length for easy application. For more information (packing, colours, prices) please contact the …more

Extended supply of baseboards to THERMOFIX flooring

Baseboards form an integral part of the quality floor. Various types of baseboards may be selected for the flooring; one of them is also a baseboard from Fatry that matches the colour of THERMOFIX flooring. Baseboard series has expanded; we now have 20 different baseboard designs matching 25 flooring types. Major benefits of Fatra Thermofix baseboards: …more

Plastic L profiles

Our assortment includes wide range of profiles of various shapes from various materials. L profiles made from hard PVC form one of them. We classify profiles into equal angle and unequal angle profiles. Series of equal angle L profiles: 10×10 mm (H2180) 30×30 mm (H0912) 15×15 mm (H0640) 40×40 mm (H2753) 23×23 mm (H0303) 50×50 …more

Hoses and tubes in the catalogue

Dear Customers, We have updated our new online catalogue of profiles with complete assortment of hoses and tubes from PVC, PE, PP, or PS. Individual product types are available via search field, where you just enter the word “hose” or “tube”, send your inquiry, and a list of results of that category will be displayed. …more